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From February 27 to March 6, 2023, the directive will hold meetings in Barcelona, Spain, with presidents, authorities, CEOs, VPs, and global stakeholders from the tech industry interested in the markets of the United States and Latin America.

The objective of this tour is to open up market opportunities worth over US$100 billion in digital transformation offered by the 8th America Digital Latin American Congress of Business & Technology Miami 2023, for global technology companies established in Europe that are interested in reaching the markets of the United States and Latin America.

The Congress, to be held on November 15 and 16 at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami, Florida, offers the opportunity to impact and connect with over 5,000 C-level executives (CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CMOs, CDOs, CISOs, CFOs) and decision-makers from major telcos, banks, and other industries (retail, manufacturing, mining, energy, utilities, services, education, tourism) and governments in Latin America leading digital transformation in their organizations.

Check out the magnitude and relevance of the America Digital Congresses and how they can help you do more business in 2 days than in an entire 1 year of travel in this blog and in this video.

The America Digital Directive’s tour in Barcelona aims to connect with technology companies based in Europe that have offices in Latin America and those that want to expand their business to the American continent through Miami.

Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Zendesk, Monday, Zcaler, Schneider Electric, CheckPoint, Citrix, Capgemini, Oracle, Hootsuite, Google, Telefónica, Huawei, Salesforce, Globallogic, Cisco, Mercado Libre, Kaspersky, and Dell are just some of the brands that have already joined the digital transformation that the region is undergoing.

Miami is the city in the United States where traditionally, the LATAM presidents of the major global technology companies have their operations centers for the region. At the same time, it is the place where tech companies establish their headquarters that want to scale their business to the United States and Latin America.

Both aspects have been enhanced in Miami, a city that has become the new Tech-Hub of the United States. In addition to improving its quality, the start-up ecosystem has been strengthened with the increase of venture capital funds (VCs) focused on investing in technology companies focused on the markets of the United States and Latin America, as Softbank has done.

“Miami is one of the largest global markets in demand for software, technological solutions, and a city where the development of the ICT and Digital industry is strongly promoted through associations, government authorities, and other private entities in the United States and Latin America.”

Lesley Robles, Director of America Digital.


There are only 20 new spots available for new companies, and reservations must be made before February 28, 2023. Don’t miss out on the events we’ll have next year; check out the details at the following links:

If your organization missed the Latin American Technology and Business Congress America Digital 2022, you have the opportunity to participate as a sponsor/exhibitor/speaker and/or delegation at this year’s Congress.

Request a 30-minute meeting during the America Digital Directive Tour in Barcelona, Spain, from February 27 to March 6 here.

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