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What you need to know to travel to the America Digital Congress Miami 2023.

The United States has two types of visas to enter the country for tourist or business trips that are less than 90 days, according to the types of agreement it has with the traveler’s nation. Below we share the steps to obtain the visa, according to your countries of origin, and to be able to visit the America Digital Congress Miami 2023 in Florida.


What you need to know to travel to the America Digital Congress Miami 2023 The United States has two types of visas to enter the country for tourist or business trips that are less than 90 days, according to the types of agreement it has with the traveler’s nation. Below we share the steps to obtain the visa, according to your countries of origin, and to be able to visit the America Digital Congress Miami 2023 in Florida.

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What is the process?

  1. Check if your passport is valid and meets the program requirements

  2. Complete the online form located at this link, and the United States Customs and Borders office will determine if you are eligible to travel under the Visa Waiver Program modality.

  3. The ESTA Visa has a cost of 21 dollars: at the beginning of the process you pay 4 dollars, and if the application is approved you have to pay 17 more dollars.

  4. You will receive an application confirmation number, with which you can check the status and follow up.

Check more information about the Visa Waiver Program and the ESTA Visa here Visa Waiver Program and ESTA application

Additional notes

The procedure has an estimated response time of 72 hours, so it is necessary to do it at least one week in advance.

Remember that your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel.

  • If you already have an ESTA Visa, we recommend you check that it is valid at the time of traveling to Miami, since it is valid for 2 years. You can check the expiration date on the US Customs and Borders website.

  • As of May of this year, no traveler needs to present proof of vaccination against Covid-19


  • Carry out all the procedures in the official pages of the United States government, to avoid fraud.


Citizens of countries that are not in the Visa Waiver Program, which are all Latin American nations (with the exception of Chile), must have a valid passport and business (B1) or tourist (B2) visa. when traveling to Congress.

How to apply for the visa?

  1. It is necessary to fill out the Nonmigrant Visa Online Application Form DS-160 and print the application confirmation page to take it to the interview.

  2. Upload a photograph when the Form Form DS-160 is filled out according to the required characteristics

  3. Request an interview at the embassy or consulate of your country. Check the list and agenda here. Waiting times vary according to each country, so we recommend you start your process as soon as possible.

  4. The cost of the visa is 185 dollars. Check if you must pay it before going to the interview or once you have been granted it.

  5. Prepare the necessary documentation for the interview: Printed Form DS-160, passport valid for 6 months or more on the date of travel, visa payment (if necessary) and a printed photograph.

  6. The embassy or consulate to which they will go will notify you if you need to bring additional documentation, such as a letter of reasons for travel or a document that supports your return to the country of origin

  7. Once the US government has authorized the visa, you will be notified if you need to go through additional administrative processing.

Consult all the information about the process and documents you require here:

Important notes

    • Remember that the dates of the interviews vary from country to country, so it is necessary to start the process in time to be able to travel to Congress.
    • If you require a renewal of your visa, check at the embassy or consulate if you can carry out the process online.
    • As of May of this year, no traveler needs to present proof of vaccination against Covid-19
    • Find out if you need the Congress Organizing Committee to send you a Letter of Invitation.

Carry out all the procedures in the official pages of the United States government, to avoid fraud.

Guidelines for the request for a letter of invitation for the management of the Visa

In the event that you require an invitation letter from the Congress Organizing Committee to obtain your visa, it is necessary to send the following information to the email [email protected]:

Full Name

  • Your full mailing address

  • Passport number

  • Passport issuing country

  • Name of the event for which you are registered

  • * Applications with incomplete data will not be considered. Letters will only be issued to: Speakers/presenters.

  • Attendees who have paid their registration fee in full and are not from one of the countries embargoed by OFAC, US Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control.

  • Sponsor and Exhibitors who have paid the participation fee in full.

  • * The payment status will be verified before the letter is sent. If you have questions related to ESTA, you can contact U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to the Customer Service Center information telephone numbers: 1 (202) 325-8000 or 1-877-227-5511. These contacts can provide you with general information about the ESTA.

    For specific questions or to know why an authorization has been refused, you should contact DHS Traveler Redress Inquiry Program.

To correct answers about illegibility that have been answered incorrectly, you can call 1 (202) 344-3710 or visit the site:


Miami International Airport, also known as MIA and historically Wilcox Field, is the primary airport serving the South Florida metropolitan area, United States.

Address: 2100 NW 42nd Ave, Miami, FL 33142, Estados Unidos
Phone: +1 305-876-7000

There is a distance of 16km between the airport and the center of Miami, if there are no delays, and it takes about 25 minutes by car. However, there are many other transportation options. Next, we leave you a list with the best ways to make the transfer to the Miami airport this 2023.



The 150 Beach Express is the cheapest and fastest transportation if your destination is Miami Beach. It is a direct bus, that is, it does not stop until it reaches Miami Beach. There are only two stops along 41st Street at Alton Road and Sheridan Ave, and then the bus makes a bunch of local stops going south all the way to South Beach and then north again through Mid-Beach before returning to the airport. This bus leaves every 30 minutes, and is operational from 6:00 a.m. to 11:40 p.m. The stop is located at number 10 of the Miami Airport Bus Terminal (you will need to take the MIA Mover from the arrivals terminal). The journey takes about 60 minutes and the cost is $2.65. To use public transportation in Miami you will need an EASY Card or EASY ticket, which you can get at the vending machines located in the station. You will also find staff who will help you if you have questions or do not know how to buy your ticket. Here you can consult a map with the route. The Miami Beach Airport Express bus 150 is, without a doubt, the best way to get from the airport to South Beach while saving money.


This is one of the fastest and most comfortable options for transferring to the airport. It is very easy to get a driver and it is cheaper than a taxi. For pick-ups at the airport, at the moment there is no designated space, so once you have your luggage you must go outside the premises to request an Uber or Lyft. All airport pickups are subject to a $2 surcharge. Transportation between the airport and a hotel located in Miami Beach has an approximate cost of $25-$30 (if you go to Downtown the price is lower). You can also use this service to make the journey in reverse, that is, from Miami to the Airport. In this case, the driver will leave you at the same departure gate of the terminal where your airline is located. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes (depending on traffic and your destination).


In the same Miami airport you will find a lot of car rental companies. If, in addition to visiting the city, you are going to visit the surroundings, it is a very good idea to pick up the car directly at the airport. To do this, you must go to the MIA Rental Car Center using the MIA Mover, which is like a subway that connects various parts of the airport. The car rental center is located on the 3rd level between the Dolphin and Flamingo garages. It takes between 15 and 30 minutes to make the journey from the Airport to the city, but it can take longer if there is a lot of traffic. The cost of the rental is very variable, between 20 and 120 dollars a day, but it will depend on the model and the car you choose.


Metrorail is Miami’s subway system. However, it is not a very convenient option for most tourists, since the subway does not connect directly to South Beach. However, if you go to Downtown, Coconut Grove or Brickell, it can be very interesting. To take the subway, as with the bus, you must go to the airport’s Intermodal Center using the MIA Mover service and there take the orange line. It costs $2.25. The Orange Line (orange line) operates from 5am to 2am and it takes about 30 minutes to get to Downtown.


The 110 Route J bus is a great option for getting to Mid Beach hotels. However, this bus does not go as far as South Beach, which is where most of the hotels are located. Here you can see the map of the route. The 110 is located at number 11 of the airport terminal. The service is operational from 4:29 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. and the price is $2.25.


A taxi is definitely the easiest and most comfortable transportation option for getting around the Miami airport: you call one and it drops you off at your hotel. However, it is also the most expensive option of all. The journey has a fixed price of $35 and the time to complete the journey will depend on traffic. It usually takes 30-40 minutes to get to South Beach, it will be about 25 if you get off at Downtown and there are no traffic jams.


In the central station of the airport it is also possible to take a train, which in Miami is called Tri-Rail. To get to said station, you must take the MIA Mover. Tri-Rail connects the airport with Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. Its hours are from 4:15 a.m. to 10 p.m. and the rates are established according to the number of zones that you are going to visit.


Steps to obtain an "Invitation Letter" for your VISA

If you are required to obtain a visa to attend any conference in the US, you can find relevant information about the application process at this link.

Important tips to remember:

Check your visa status and find out if you need a US visa or renewal.

Review information on visa wait times for interview appointments and visa processing at each embassy and consular section worldwide available on the US Department of State website. Visit the embassy website or the consular section where you will apply for your visa to find out how to schedule an interview appointment, pay fees, and any other instructions.

Plan an interview at the embassy or consulate, if this is a requirement to obtain your visa.

Guidelines for requesting an "Invitation Letter" for your Visa

The Organizing Committee will only issue Letters of Invitation to:


Attendees who have paid their registration fee in full and are not from one of the countries embargoed by the US Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control (Payment status will be verified prior to mailing )

Exhibitors who have paid the exhibitor/patron package fee in full

Accredited Press

Information requested to obtain the invitation letter

If you need an invitation letter from America Digital to attend the 8th LATAM Congress 2023, please send an email to [email protected] containing the following information. Please note that all information is required and incomplete applications cannot be considered.

  • Your full name
  • Your full mailing address
  • Passport number
  • Passport issuing country





The Metrobus is the bus system for the city of Miami. It extends from Miami Beach to the center of Miami (Downtown). It has a lot of buses that run various routes. Miami’s bus network connects with all public transportation systems, making it ideal for combining your trips. It is also a good option to get around at night, since the metrobus has several routes that operate 24 hours non-stop.


Metrorail is Miami’s elevated rail system. It travels a total of 22 miles crossing the city from north to south. It is composed of two lines (green and orange). The Metrorail stops at major tourist attractions such as Brickell, Coconut Grove, Vizcaya, and Downtown.

It is a very good transport option to travel long distances quickly since it can then be connected to the bus network.

The orange line connects the Miami International Airport with the center, very useful for transfers if you are arriving by plane.


These are buses that look like train cars that operate various routes in Miami Beach for free. It is one of the best ways to get around this area of ​​Miami, since sometimes finding parking is difficult and expensive. The trolley service is totally free and works every 15 to 35 minutes (depending on the route). There are 4 main routes: South Beach Loop, Middle Beach Loop, Collins Express, and North Beach Loop. The most used is the South Beach line that has 3 different routes with several stops. The Citywide Free Trolley operates from 6 in the morning until 12 at night every day except Sunday when they start the tour at 8am.


The Metromover is an automated bus system that works in a loop and runs on rails. They actually look a lot like trams. The Metromover network has a route of approximately 5 miles and only runs through downtown Miami. The system is made up of three loops and 23 stations. It is a quick and easy way to get around the main neighborhoods of Downtown. Its greatest peculiarity is that you will not have to pay anything to get on the Metromover. It is, therefore, the cheapest way to move around the center, since it is totally free.


Miami has multiple places that you have to know. Here are some recommendations for you to enjoy:


South Beach, located between 1st and 25th streets in Miami Beach, is the most popular beach in Miami. Perhaps you have seen it more than once in a movie or television series, since it is located on Ocean Drive, one of the favorite settings for fictional stories developed in a beach setting. Ocean Drive is the liveliest street in Miami, so in South Beach you can enjoy the warm waters of the Caribbean and a great nightlife, where you can find the busiest restaurants, clubs and discos in Miami Beach, most of them with Cuban influence and caribbean


A park full of trees and green areas, with a beautiful location in front of the beach, where volleyball players, skaters, runners and other athletes meet to enjoy exercising in the open air. It is very popular with tourists, who can walk or bike along its paved paths before taking a dip in the turquoise waters of South Beach. Rest under the shade of its leafy palm trees or take a picture in front of the classic lifeguard booths.


Located at the southern tip of Key Biscayne (approximately a 45-minute drive from downtown Miami), Bill Baggs Beach is home to the famous Cape Florida Lighthouse, a structure that you can enter and learn about on a guided tour of its premises. . This place is ideal for tourists to practice swimming, surfing or fishing. The beach is quite a spectacle, since its blue and crystalline waters will allow you to visualize the varied marine flora and fauna.


Located north of Miami Beach, between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean, this is an ideal beach to visit with friends. Of course, if you plan to go to this beach, you should take into account that it is the only legally nudist beach in Miami, but only at its northern end, where wearing a bathing suit is not an option. Haulover Beach stands out for the beauty of its blue waters and fine, soft sand. Enjoy the freedom of sunbathing, surfing, and other outdoor sports activities like tennis, golf, and even kite flying! Yes, fly kites. This beach even has spaces where kite-making workshops are held, where you can then fly your own creation. So if you visit Haulover Beach, don’t forget to live this experience.


The best option to visit with the whole family, since children will be able to fully enjoy a day at sea. The Crandon Park beach in Key Biscayne is characterized by being not very crowded, because it is not so central and to access it, you must enter the park. Because of its shallow waters, you have to walk a lot to get to the deepest area, so it becomes a safer environment for children who are learning about the sea. But despite not being very visited, it has everything you need to make your visit comfortable: restaurants, bars, showers, bathrooms… Whatever you need to spend an incredible day at the beach!


Explore the Art Deco District to see Miami’s historic architecture. Enjoy the view from the South Pointe Park gazebo. Then, head to Little Havana to soak up the Cuban culture. Visit local museums and enjoy a traditional meal. Hours: It is open every day from 10am to 5pm.


Miami Beach’s Lincoln Road is one of the most unique business districts in the US, brimming with stunning architecture, world-class culture, and destination retail. The 8-block long pedestrian mall was designed by legendary Art Deco architect Morris Lapidus, filling the wide street with sculptures and native plants to give it a more intimate feel. Shops and restaurants line both sides of the street, where you can pick up a new outfit at H&M, Zara, or Forever 21 – or shop for something a little more upscale at Ted Baker, Lulu, Scotch & Soda, or Intermix.

Lincoln Road also has a wide variety of restaurants. If you’re looking for a stunning view from the rooftop, check out Mila. An ideal place for a date is Isabella’s, with its romantic lighting and delicious seafood. Or you can try a little of everything at Lincoln Eatery, a food hall with everything from ceviche to pizza and an impressive rooftop bar. You’ll find a fantastic selection of local independent makers in Showfields, and colorful artwork by Romero Britto like his namesake gallery. You can also catch a Miami New Drama show at the Art Deco Colony Theatre.


On Ocean Drive are the best restaurants, bars and hotels in all of Miami Beach; the street is abuzz with people whatever the time and day it is.

Art Deco District at night Ocean Drive is one of the most popular areas of Miami.

It is a boardwalk located in the South Beach area where all the clichés about Miami come true; statuesque bodies skating along the promenade, dream beaches, tropical cocktails, loud Latin music and Art Deco-style buildings.

In the mornings, the clear-water beaches are filled to bursting, and at night, it is one of the liveliest areas for partying or dining on a terrace.

A scene of light and color Ocean Drive is a myth of American cinematography that has served as a filming location for some well-known films such as “The Price of Power (Scarface)” or “Miami Vice”.


The Miami Seaquarium is located on the island of Virginia Key in Biscayne Bay and offers visitors an educational and playful experience around marine life. Florida’s tropical climate allows for outdoor performances year-round. The Seaquarium has shows with dolphins, orcas and other marine creatures but also has exhibits on seals, turtles, sea lions, and the famous endangered Florida manatee.

More information at:

The entrance has a price of 52$ approx. Another activity that can be done at the Miami Seaquarium is swimming with the dolphins, it costs approximately $225 but it ensures an unforgettable experience.


Everglades is one of the most incredible national parks in the United States, and it’s close enough to Miami to visit in one day. This natural area (declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO) is home to many animals. The most famous are the alligators that inhabit this vast area of ​​shallow rivers and swamps, but there are also many birds, pythons, turtles and even panthers. One of the best ways to visit the Everglades is by hiring an organized tour. They take you by bus and usually include a boat ride and an alligator show.


The Monkey Jungle is a nature reserve dedicated to the protection of several endangered primate species. However, other exotic animals such as birds and reptiles also inhabit the place. The tourist will be able to delight in the unpredictable behavior of the orangutans, the Java monkeys or the tamarin. It is a circuit where people walk through tunnels made of wire mesh, while the primates are free. In fact, its motto is: “the place where humans are locked up and animals run free.” This is, without a doubt, a very interesting activity to do with the little ones in the house.

Price: $29.95 adults and $23.95 children Hours: Every day from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Location: 14805 SW 216th St, Miami.

(about 40 minutes from downtown Miami) More information:


The Miami Beach Convention Center is a convention center located in Miami Beach, Florida. Originally opened in 1958, the venue underwent a $620 million renovation between 2015 and 2018. A LEED Silver certified green building, the venue includes a magnificent Grand Ballroom, 500,000 square feet of flexible showrooms, 4 junior ballrooms, outdoor terraces and parks, and 84 breakout rooms. MBCC’s immediate proximity to bustling South Beach, Lincoln Road, Ocean Drive, and many other Miami Beach arts and cultural attractions


Address: 1901 Convention Ctr Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States




Miami Beach Convention Center (1901 Convention Ctr Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States)


The official language of Miami, USA is English, however there will be simultaneous interpretation from English to Spanish for those talks that are in English.


15-16 November 2023


Miami is the seventh largest city in the United States and has a good public transportation system. To get around the city cheaply, public transport is undoubtedly the best option, especially if you want to save money.

There are 4 ways to get around Miami by public transportation:

  1. Metrobus: Bus network
  2. Citywide Free Trolley: Free buses that run around Miami Beach.
  3. Metromover: System of wagons that circulate on rails in the Downtown and that are also free.
  4. Metrorail: Train, perfect for traveling long distances.


Participants who require a formal invitation letter that allows them to make their preparations to participate in the Congress can request it at [email protected]. Please note that this letter cannot and should not be considered as an obligation for programming or financial support by the organizers. AIRPORT


Miami Airport (MIA) is one of the largest in the United States and receives flights from all over the world. At the airport you will find several transportation options. Unless you take a taxi or Uber/Lyft, you should go to the Miami Intermodal Center, which is a separate space from the airport, where public transportation (bus and subway) is located as well as the rental car service. To get to the Intermodal Center you must use the MIA Mover, an automated train that connects various points of the airport in a very fast and free way. It’s very easy to know where to go as there are plenty of signs and directions. There is a distance of 16km between the airport and the center of Miami, if there are no delays, and it takes about 25 minutes by car. However, there are many other transportation options.



The United States has two types of visas to enter the country for tourist or business trips that are less than 90 days, according to the types of agreement it has with the traveler’s nation. Below we share the steps to obtain the visa, according to your country of origin, and to be able to visit the America Digital Miami 2023 Congress in Florida.



The monetary unit is Dollar (US$).


The weather in Miami during November is somewhat hot, where there are low temperatures of 23°C and highs of 26°C. You can expect 3 or 8 days of rain, it is a good idea to always carry an umbrella so that the rain does not catch you by surprise. LOCKER ROOM Dress is business formal for all occasions. CONFERENCE


Please do not hesitate to contact the organizers if you require additional information or assistance. Please send all correspondence to: [email protected], +1 786 857 5663

How do 1-on-1 meetings work during the America Digital Congress?

By purchasing your ticket you will have access to the America Digital Congress Networking App.

The first thing you must do is complete the fields of your profile and upload a photograph. Having your complete and updated profile will maximize your Networking opportunities during the Congress.

You can access the online platform via desktop or mobile, and in the Networking section you can view all the attendees to the Congress, search by Name, Surname, Position, Country or Areas of Interest.

When you find someone you want to meet up with, you can add them as a favourite, send a message and/or even request an instant video call.

You can also send messages to request face-to-face meetings during the Congress in our Networking Zones that we will have in the Congress, as well as hold video call meetings with the attendees who participate online.




From Google Play or App Store download the App Cvent events.


Search for the America Digital Miami 2023 event and then login by entering your registration email to the event.


Enter your verification code, which will be sent to your email.

Done, now you can browse and network!