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Miami is the new tech-hub in the United States, with millionaire investments, the relocation of technology giants and hosting events such as the 8th America Digital Congress 2023. Miami stands out as one of the primary tech-hub in the United States and has become a destination for business expansion, growth, and investment. Some even refer
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In a digitized world, the payment industry stands as a crucial stage for innovation, requiring strategic partners with the necessary tools to face present and future challenges. The progressive advancement of technology is shaping a constantly evolving business landscape, specifically in the payments industry. At a time when electronic transactions, mobile payments and online shopping
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The company will present its solutions to meet the new global standards in the financial industry. GlobalLogic, a Hitachi Group company, and a leader in digital product engineering, is set to play a prominent role at the 8° America Digital World Congress 2023 in Miami. Juan Bello, Business Head at GlobalLogic Latin America, and Gabriel,
  • fraude
The global company participates in the Congress, where it will analyze issues related to banking fraud in the region. Rafael Costa Abreu, Director, Market Planning & Strategy, Latin America and the Caribbean, LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, will present a conference at 8th America Digital World Congress. At C-Level Forum Fintech & Digital Banking he will explain
  • aprendizaje automático
Cloudhesive will present a conference on these new technologies applied to the cloud during the Congress in Miami. As part of our participation in the 8th America Digital World Congress, Leonardo Bracco, CEO of CloudHesive, will speak about AI applied to the cloud. His presentation Revolutionizing Business with AI: Unleashing Cloud-Driven Potential is a reflection
  • IT
The leading Information Technology (IT) company in LA and the Caribbean arrives at the 8th America Digital World Congress Expo. Netser Group, a company with over two decades of experience in the field of Information Technology (IT) in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean, will be present at 8th America Digital World Congress
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Increasingly, the market is showing a lack of cybersecurity experts, which in turn creates a gap in companies when it comes to defining the right strategy to deal with today’s cyber-attacks. This is where managed service providers play a key role in becoming the advisors to end customers. In addition, managing the protection of networks
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United States has a big role in the world of artificial intelligence and delve into the activities. Know the solutions at the Congress. The growing adoption of artificial intelligence is impacting the telecommunications, retail, packaged consumer goods, high-tech development, banking, manufacturing, semiconductor, and pharmaceutical industries worldwide. McKinsey’s study, The Economic Potential of Generative AI, reveals
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ManageEngine will present its IT solutions for transforming businesses during its participation in the Congress. Digital platforms are the present and the future of work. In a changing social and economic context, resilient teams need technologies capable of supporting their business in all possible scenarios. This year, in the framework of the 8th America Digital
The future of payments and retail is undergoing a profound digital transformation, where the way we pay for goods and services is becoming seamless and integrated into our daily lives. Payment cards are giving way to all-digital transactions, much like the Uber experience, where you never have to pull out a physical card.  With more