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It does not matter if you are a Country Manager, CEO, CIO, CDO, CISO, CMO, CTO, CFO, innovation, digital transformation manager, professional from different areas or a leader in your organization. Everybody needs justify to somebody (including himself) the reasons & benefits to attend a Congress.
Thinking in this challenge, the America Digital team has prepared different tools to help you justify to attend along with your team to the 8th America Digital World Congress 2023.

One of this tools is the LETTER TO YOUR BOSS.
You will find the letter below and you can download it here.

Dear [Manager’s Name],

As we’re in the process of making our plans and budget for our IT, Business and digital transformation efforts, I want to discuss attending the America Digital Congress Miami 2026 this November in Miami. I believe it’s imperative that I attend and our team, not only for my own growth, but for the success of our company as well.

America Digital Congress is known as the epicenter of the industry, drawing the widest range of [industry sector] power players into one conducive space.

With a 10,000 m2 Expo Digital with 200 Exhibitors+2000 Business Meetings+100 especialized conferences in #Telecom #ICT #SaaS #AI #IOT #Big Data #Cloud #Fintech #Cybersecurity #Blockchain #eCommerce #DigitalMarketing applied to our business, it is an unique opportunity to meet with VPs and Experts from the most important global / local tech companies as Microsoft, Intel, Google, Amazon, Telefónica, Tableau, ServiceNow, Deloitte, Bain & Company, Tivit, Globallogic, Eset, Ricoh, Fiserv, Hootsuite, Sophos, HP, Cloudfare, Equifax, Emailage, that can help us to improve our sales, marketing, management and productive process.

Furthermore, it is an opportunity to share experiences with +5,000 C-Level (CEO, CDO, CMO, CIO, CTO, CISO) and decision makers from 22 countries leading the digital transformation in their organizations.

It’s often said that just 2 days in America Digital leads to a year’s worth of meetings.

The cost of each ticket is US$ 1,240 p/p or US$ 340 p/p in Online version , it is almost 4 times less expensive than similar Congress in USA or Europe, and we can get special discount for early registration during this month.

Furthermore, with our registration, each member of our delegation will get access to the APP America Digital Network, being able to connect online with +5,000 digital transformation business leaders and watch under Video On Demand over 200 conferences of experts from the previous America Digital Congresses.


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