Are you ready to delve into the dynamic world of F1 Miami and the transformation of Hard Rock Stadium into a global destination for racing enthusiasts? In a recent video conference led by Ron Hecht, the sales overseer for F1 Miami, the details of orchestrating this thrilling event were unveiled. The following summary encapsulates the
Identity is the connective tissue that bridges all of this together – identity of things, identity of people, identity of organizations, identity of customers, and identity of threat actors. This keynote, led by Nirav Sheth, Okta’s Vice President of Solutions Engineering for Americas, will provide some terrific insights on how organizations can accelerate their digital
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Congress will be the bridge between Latin American and U.S. markets Latin America is the world’s fastest growing region in the adoption and development of digital transformation. And Miami has become the U.S. technology hub that is looking to other markets, especially Latin America. Data from IDB LAb indicates that venture capital activity could reach
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From February 27 to March 6, 2023, the directive will hold meetings in Barcelona, Spain, with presidents, authorities, CEOs, VPs, and global stakeholders from the tech industry interested in the markets of the United States and Latin America. The objective of this tour is to open up market opportunities worth over US$100 billion in digital
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De 21 a 27 de outubro de 2022 serão realizadas reuniões em São Paulo entre a Comitiva da América Digital e Presidentes, autoridades, CEOs, VPs e Stakeholders da indústria brasileira de tecnologia. Esta visita tem como objetivo abrir as oportunidades de mercado para mais de US$100 bilhões em transformação digital oferecidas pelo 8º Congresso Latino-Americano
At its stand you will be able to learn about its proposal so that companies’ financial decisions are not held back by a lack of information. In a world of constant evolution, facilitating information flows within the cash ecosystem makes the difference for the decision making of companies and the services provided by financial institutions.  
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At the booth and its conference you can learn about the solutions the company has created to achieve proper implementation. The Pandemic has had a significant impact on the retail industry. On the supplier side, recent supply chain challenges have forced companies to confront issues such as logistics disruptions, production delays, and inventory fulfilment issues. 
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Biometrics is a solution that can satisfy the demands of companies for new onboarding and authentication of their customers. An estimated 3.8 billion people currently own a smartphone. With so many mobile devices in use, the way we live our lives has changed dramatically – from connecting with each other on social networks to shopping
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The company is undergoing a technological revolution and is developing several innovative solutions that will be presented during its participation in the Congress. In recent years, digitization has come to play a central role in different areas such as work, education, leisure and services.  This topic will be discussed by Diamcofi executives at its stand
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A good deal of recent content from analysts, vendors, and IT industry experts makes a strong case that most users and digital assets lie outside the physical and logical boundaries of the organization. Although the validity of this assertion cannot be confirmed in absolute terms, it is fair to recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic has