• business intelligence
Business Intelligence platforms, like Zoho Analytics, provide a clear and detailed view of performance, market patterns, and customer behavior. Business Intelligence (BI) platforms have become an integral part of organizations’ daily and strategic operations They provide with a clear and detailed view of their performance, market patterns, and the behavior of each of their customers.
  • IA
The Brazilian-origin company aims to establish digital conversation bridges from Miami to the entire region, leveraging the benefits of AI. Business transformation is in full swing, thanks to conversational platforms and artificial intelligence. Blip, the leading company in conversational solutions, plays a strategic and high-impact role in growth and essential customer service. The brand will
  • gira miami
From February 27 to March 6, 2023, the directive will hold meetings in Barcelona, Spain, with presidents, authorities, CEOs, VPs, and global stakeholders from the tech industry interested in the markets of the United States and Latin America. The objective of this tour is to open up market opportunities worth over US$100 billion in digital
  • brasil america digital
De 21 a 27 de outubro de 2022 serão realizadas reuniões em São Paulo entre a Comitiva da América Digital e Presidentes, autoridades, CEOs, VPs e Stakeholders da indústria brasileira de tecnologia. Esta visita tem como objetivo abrir as oportunidades de mercado para mais de US$100 bilhões em transformação digital oferecidas pelo 8º Congresso Latino-Americano