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Congress will be the bridge between Latin American and U.S. markets Latin America is the world’s fastest growing region in the adoption and development of digital transformation. And Miami has become the U.S. technology hub that is looking to other markets, especially Latin America. Data from IDB LAb indicates that venture capital activity could reach
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From February 27 to March 6, 2023, the directive will hold meetings in Barcelona, Spain, with presidents, authorities, CEOs, VPs, and global stakeholders from the tech industry interested in the markets of the United States and Latin America. The objective of this tour is to open up market opportunities worth over US$100 billion in digital
Companies seek to innovate, bring the disruptive, the new. Thousands of tools and technologies are available, but are they getting the basics right? What is the real role of an IT leader in this scenario? Emanuel Di Matteo, General Manager of Liferay in Latin America, will present these and other topics, that are changing the way
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PartnerCheck, a solution by Equifax, seeks to be a meeting point between buying and supplying companies, by providing reliable information.  The platform facilitates access to information, leveling the playing field for SMEs and generating real savings in time and money associated with the search for suppliers. This platform will be one of the solutions that
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Since the pandemic and the rise of digital transactions, fraud has grown and become increasingly sophisticated. Topaz Cobis is one of the largest technology companies specialized in digital financial solutions in Latin America, with the most complete and adherent technological platform on the market. With more than 30 years experience, we are present in more
Bose Profesional y su distribuidor mayorista MMT presentarán el nuevo dispositivo USB de videoconferencias Videobar VB-S en América Digital 2022  En el mundo de las organizaciones es muy común acuñar nuevos términos de acuerdo a las tendencias en boga.  Por ejemplo, se ha comenzado a dejar atrás el concepto de sala de reunión para sustituirlo
At its stand you will be able to learn about its proposal so that companies’ financial decisions are not held back by a lack of information. In a world of constant evolution, facilitating information flows within the cash ecosystem makes the difference for the decision making of companies and the services provided by financial institutions.  
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The company is undergoing a technological revolution and is developing several innovative solutions that will be presented during its participation in the Congress. In recent years, digitization has come to play a central role in different areas such as work, education, leisure and services.  This topic will be discussed by Diamcofi executives at its stand
IT areas are responsible for managing the cloud, but the task can be so big that they need the right partner to take advantage of these technologies.  More and more organizations have started it´s trail to Digital transformation.  Nowadays, especially after the pandemic, CloudHesive knows that companies can no longer ask if they need to
Through an app, an intelligent cash register and a bank account, it is possible to digitize the resources that enter any company that has this service. The securities transportation company, Brink’s will be presented at the 7th Digital America Latinamerican Congres of Business & Technology 2022 with an innovative solution that seeks to provide automatic