April 20, 2022

At ECS Fin, we have constantly focused on disrupting traditional solutions; it is part of our DNA. Our development is based on global knowledge, applied by our regional teams, with more than 20 years of supporting innovation in financial messaging for our clients (financial institutions, investment firms, and corporate treasuries).

We create ecosystems for the safe, accessible, and real-time flow of financial messaging between the different actors. Our BH Net network and our connection services to SWIFT and BlockChain networks are enablers of this mission. Additionally, our messaging and processing solutions allow our clients to take advantage of the information available through our connectivity ecosystem, enabling the processes of Real-Time Payment, Digital Bank, International Transfers, Bank as a Service, among others, for our banking clients. We facilitate their connection processes with their corporate clients through BH CorpLink solutions (based on Host to Host as a Service and evolved into Anything as a Service).

Our corporate clients standardize treasury processes within their ERPs, taking advantage of the flexibility and connectivity of our BH OneBank banking connection solutions (supported by the largest private banking connection network – BH Net). This flow of information allows us to support instant treasury processes, payment factories, Cash and Reconciliation through our BH Treasury cloud-native solutions.

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