Guillermo Salazar is Equifax’s chief marketing officer for Chile, Peru and Ecuador. From his position he leads the generation of new applications that the company develops to support companies in their digital transformation processes. With Andres Silveira, Data & Analitycs VP of the company for Latin America, he will be present at the 5th Latin American Congress of Technology and Business America Digital 2019.


Equifax use the power of the Big Data and the Fintech alliances to prevent fraud and give solutions that enable companies to make better decisions for their business.


Equifax has the challenge of supporting companies to transform their businesses thanks to the value of the data. “We have digital solutions that give companies the possibility to make better decisions, target selected audiences, obtain customers and sell products outside the physical space, which generates a paradigm shift,” explains Guillermo Salazar.


As a result, Guillermo says that the company, present in 24 countries, has a robust plan that includes the digitalization in the entire business chain of its customers, from the origination and evaluation processes, the prospecting of audiences, identity verification, digital communication, until the final transaction process.



Andres Silveira, Equifax Data VP

“We give solutions that enable companies to make better decisions for their business, but also automate their processes, reduce response times, prevent fraud and facilitate the digital onboarding of new customers,” Andres Silveira explains.



Therefore to achieve this goal, Equifax has Ignite a revolutionary platform that processes large volumes of data in just seconds. Before Ignite, this process could take weeks. It is the GPS that can help manage the strategies of companies, allowing them to explore, select and communicate to markets and people of interest to generate new sales.





Andres and Guillermo will present a master conference on BIG Data in the Digital Transformation Specialized Forum



However, under the Ignite eave there are different products made to the needs of each company. For example, Ignite Smart Prospect, focused on identifying segments with the profile of interest to optimize marketing actions through the use of data intelligence.



To this is added Digital Audiences, a solution aimed at effectively identifying people who interact in different media, such as social networks, apps, among others, and who are interesting for campaigns with ‘laser sight’. With this tool, Equifax advances in the union of the physical world of people with their digital life, according to their tastes and behaviors.



These services based on state-of-the-art and big data technology let, among other processes, to access people, identify them to prevent phishing and authenticate the transaction. Through these services Equifax helped reinvent the way companies have to interact with their customers, moving towards new business models aimed at providing more complete and personalized remote products and services.



Equifax’s evolution started a new business line. The company has decided to cooperate with external organizations and combine expertise to develop projects. Open innovation is for Equifax a hotbed of new tools.



In that context, the company consolidated an alliance with Finvox, a Fintech with which they have developed, a platform to optimize the process of repayment of mortgage loans, since it works as a bridge between financial institutions and those who have mortgage loans, but seek lower quotas or reduce the loan duration. It is a digital tool that simplifies a process that is currently carried out manually and takes people a lot of time.


Attending to the 5th Latin American Congress of Business & Technology, America Digital 2019 you have the chance to know the experiences and successful cases of countries and organization from Latin American, USA and Europe in Digital Transformation.


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